Rocket Truck

by Regular Gonzales

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released August 1, 2015



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Regular Gonzales Brisbane, Australia

Regular Gonzales is an Australian Heavy Metal band, combining bluesy riffs and harsh breakdowns, wrapped in a sludge metal blanket. In the vein of Every Time I Die, Converge & The Sword.

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Track Name: Silvery Moon
No one else around
Whole night to ourselves
I'm the luckiest guy in town
With you by my side nothing gets me down
Hey what's that up in the sky
An eruption of colour and light

Bang, Zoom
Look at the moon
Bang, Zoom
Check out the moon
Fire In The Sky

Romance in the air
But something's interrupting this love affair
I can't quite help but notice the moon
Just blew up with a big kaboom
I can't quite help but notice the moon
Is no longer there

I look deep into your eyes
Filled with surprise and fear
What does this explosion mean?
The reason is not quite clear
One thing I can't help but see
As the sky fills with debris
Standing there right next to me
Is the prettiest girl in the galaxy
Track Name: Officer Cog
A gleam shines from the shadows
Dead eyes are watching you
Night vision sees you sneaking around
10 times optical zoom
Not just a man, nor just a machine
A biomechanical wonder
Hydraulic punch gonna make you scream
Ground rumbles like thunder

Watch out, long arm of the law
From down the street, you're cuffed on the floor
Watch out, the thin blue line
Lasers shooting from his eyes

No one knows where he came from
Why he fights or if he ever stops
He'll kick you right out of town
Soaring over 30 blocks
Radar, sonar and infrared
Satellite included
Spring-loaded six0shooters from each hand
Helicopter in his head

You'd better stop
Raise your arms drop down on your knees
You don't mess with this cop
Track Name: Time Machine DeLorean
Mad scientist with some crazy ideas
Don't wanna wait around for months and years
Working on a secret project for a while
If you're gonna travel, gotta do it in style

Time machine DeLorean
Now I'm my own historian
Time machine DeLorean
Back to the future again

She's got a sleek shiny body with gull wing doors
Plutonium powered now my foot's to the floor
Speed cameras all read "outatime"
Two fire trails coming down the line

One point twenty one gigawatts
Fusion reactor's running hot
Capacitor is fluxing a lot
But she's ice cold to the touch
Track Name: Dragon Curves
Came out tonight just to meet you
Can't wait to have some fun
What's your sine babe is it pi over two
Well if it is, that makes you the one

Don't wanna be irrational
I can't believe my eyes
You've got the curves of a dragon babe
And I'm one lucky guy

You plus me equals one good time
That's something I know for sure
Can I get your number girl

Are you real or imaginary, all just in my mind
Dragon curves to infinity, really drives me wild
Dragon curves in my mind
Dragon curves take over my mind
Dragon curves drive me wild
Dragon curves really drive me wild
Track Name: Rocket Truck
Pull up at the lights, there's a guy on my right
Souped up Chevy and he's looking to fight
Revving up his engine, gonna jump the gun
Flip my switch and ignite stage one

In my Rocket Truck
If you go up against my rocket truck
You're outta luck

Ground control gives the all clear
Blast into the stratosphere
Leave everyone behind with ease
Gonna start pulling some serious G's

This ain't no weekend cruiser
She's got solid fuel boosters

Take one look it's clear to see
You're gonna need more delta v
I'm not the guy you wanna cross
Melt your fender with my exhaust