War Were Declared

by Regular Gonzales

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released March 31, 2017


all rights reserved



Regular Gonzales Brisbane, Australia

Regular Gonzales is an Australian Heavy Metal band, combining bluesy riffs and harsh breakdowns, wrapped in a sludge metal blanket. In the vein of Every Time I Die, Converge & The Sword.

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Track Name: Bombrero
Track Name: Seeing Red
Black leather and a cigarette
Strike a deal man, that you won't forget
Step down, don't take that bet
Get out my way boy, you aint seen nothin yet

He's got his claws in my mind
pulling strings from behind
The little voice in my head all the time
grey matter misalligned

That fruit is so damn tempting
Dissuade the tormenting
The unrelenting voice in my head
Leads me from my path now I'm seein' red

My very own set of horns
Goes well with my crown of thorns
Track Name: Warriors
out of place and out of time
with nobody on our side
What started as a truce has ended
with us being framed for a crime
and now we're runnin' for our lives

in the middle of the enemies home
and it's pitch black and I'm sick of this running crap
In the middle of the enemies home
and we'll fight all night to get back
Track Name: Autoantagonist
I glide through trials with ease,No choice that I regret
Like Life gave me the keys,Powered by pure success
I pass through life, no fear,No choice that I regret
Let me just make this clear,I'm never looking back

Wait stop, Look back, Oh Shit, It's fear...

NO way, I can't do this
trying to prosper, I don't believe it
NO chance, I can't do this,
trying to prosper, I don't believe it

My own worst enemy,No choice I don't regret
I don't deserve what I got,Now everything is a second guess
I lurk in the shadows of fear,No choice I don't regret
Let me just make this clear,I'm never coming back
Track Name: Storm
Light a fire, keep me warm
Can we make it through the storm?

Burn it down to the ground
All that's left is this sweet sound.
Track Name: Lost Cause
A fork in the road and a knife in my back
If I stay in this place I'll never forget

I'm beat up and tired and I can't go on
Gotta pick myself up but I need you gone

why do I
waste my time
You're just a lost cause

Ignore the signs
Uphill climb
You're just a lost cause
Track Name: Shakedown
We will not be shut down
Just try and stop us now

Round them up
Lock the doors
Distracting coloured lights the draw
Like moths to a flame
In they pour
Tonight's gonna be one easy score

Time to see what you're made of
Gonna take you to the limit
Smoke 'em if you got 'em
Gear up and let's hit it
Track Name: Blackout
Come on baby it's party time
Gonna let my hair hang down
Keep the cheap whiskey flowing babe
Drink so much I'm gonna drown

No doubt
Can't back out
We're gonna blackout

The band is rockin' and I'm feelin good
You look like a million bucks
Another shot of cheap whiskey babe
Think I'm gonna try my luck
Track Name: Home
Fake smile, disconnected dealings
Counting the seconds, time's slowly creepin
I'm done wasting your time now I can start wasting mine

Come one come all there's room for more
Fill up that dance floor
Plug in, turn up, the room erupts
Now they're beggin' for more

In here we forget all our struggles and the troubles in the world
In here all we need, is the rhythm no division we're all here as one
Track Name: Asylum
Walk the walk, Talk the talk
Our legs are bound and our mouths stitched shut
I'm hanging by my neck on your every word
and we're leaving the rest to burn

We walled up the madhouse but were still inside

I'm late to the party but I catch on quick
Everyones playing hide and seek
A front for their obscenities
With nights like these who needs enemies

We hold ourselves hostage but make no demand

Now time has washed away all the sand

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